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Announcing, My Incredible New Breakthrough Can Show You . . .

But Only When You Have Our "NEW SIMPLE-23 SYSTEM"!
Finally, YOU Can WIN *up to an Average $3,642.00 CASH Each and Every Week! With Our NEW "SIMPLE-23 SYSTEM"!
Completely NEW System is considered a Miracle by inventor. Now, you can WIN Big Each and Every Week!!

WIN up to an AVERAGE $3,642.00 CASH Every Week with our Amazing New "SIMPLE-23" SYSTEM
The "SIMPLE-23 System" is brand, spanking NEW this year. At last, you can start grabbing your FORTUNE from the Pick-3 Lottery at ALL state or international Pick-3 Lottery Games!
It is SIMPLE and EASY to use - the "SIMPLE-23 System" requires NO prior knowledge of playing the lottery and NO expensive bet placements. This truly remarkable new "System" can absolutely thrill and amaze you!!
"The Facts About This Completely NEW System"
"SIMPLE-23 System"
The "SIMPLE-23 System" was designed to WIN for YOU Every Week with as few as 23 simple pair bets. That is a 98.7% Improvement over TOTAL possible straight or boxed bets for ALL numbers.
You have never likely seen or heard of any system even remotely connected to the power of the "SIMPLE-23 System" in your entire life! We investigated dozens of lottery methods before uncovering the clue, but now we are finally ready to share with a few privileged lottery players our new system that can help you win consistently at ALL state and international Pick-3 Lottery games. There is NOT another minute to waste - if you are serious about making this your winning year - you simply MUST have the "Simple-23" System.
"MORE Important Facts About This Amazing NEW System"
"SIMPLE-23 System"
The "SIMPLE-23" System was designed to WIN for YOU with as few as just 8 combination box bets. That is a 99.2% Improvement over TOTAL possible boxed only bets for ALL numbers. Just imagine what an additional windfall of cash winnings could mean to you?
"Now, You Can Have Dramatically Better ODDS of Winning"

Yes, it's absolutely true. When you apply the special new techniques that I give you in this system, you can have dramatically better ODDS of winning the Pick-3 Jackpot. Not 10% percent, Not 20%, Not even 50% - BUT a FULL 98.7% Improvement over TOTAL possible straight or boxed bets for ALL numbers - AND, it get even better with a whopping 99.2% Improvement over TOTAL possible boxed only bets for ALL numbers
Remember, this system follows the proven "principles for making money" with built-in structured odds reduction. In fact, we're talking about winning faster and winning bigger amounts of cash than you've ever won before. At last, you can win with just 23 simple pair bets or 8 combination box bets !!

"YES, We are talking about winning faster and winning bigger amounts of cash than you've ever won before." 

Listen To This Powerful Testimonial On File:

"Dear Friends, I have been playing the Florida Lottery for 15 years with many different systems. Today I received you 23 System - I played tonight and sure enough I Hit 129 boxed.   Now I must try your Pick-5 Hitmaster.  Please Rush. And Thank You so much.   Very few systems work in Florida"

                                       Thanks Again,
                                       Ben Hunt



"It's Simple, Convenient, Affordable and Fun"
My new "SIMPLE-23 System" was purposefully designed to be kept simple, convenient, affordable and best of all FUN! As yourself this important question - what good is a system if it takes a "Month of Sundays" to figure it out, then another week or two just to remember how to use it. NOT HERE - NO SIREE!! The system is user-friendly - in fact, it's so uncomplicated that you might even find yourself calling it "a piece of cake". Plus, it's so jam-packed full of top-flight winning information, that you'll likely feel that you're getting a real bargain.
But, the important thing to know about my system is that it has been tested, verified and proven. That's why I believe you will be so impressed with it from day one. After all, don't you deserve the best system that money can buy? At last, you can win with just 23 simple pair bets or 8 combination box bets !!
The system is easy, you can take it with you practically everywhere you go, and it doesn't require a large bankroll to get started. Plus, I think you're going to have a ball with it, and the money you can make will prove to you that it really works!!
"The thing to know about my system is that it has been tested verified and proven. That's why I believe you will be so impressed with it from day one."

"Just LOOK At ALL The Important Benefits YOU Will Receive"

Please Listen Closely. I want you to take a minute to read all about the Important Benefits YOU will receive with my new "SIMPLE-23 System". Here are just a few of the many important benefits:
Impressive (But Super-Simple) ODDS Reduction Strategies
* Up to 98.7 % Improvement over total possible straight or boxed bets for all numbers.
* Up to 99.2% Improvement over total possible combination boxed bets for ALL numbers
Practically eliminates pure guessing for numbers to play.
Absolutely NO Astrology, Crazy Math or Off-the-Wall Number Theories.
Simple, Easy and Convenient to play. Start picking your numbers in minutes - all from the comfort of your home.
At last, you can join the elite club of wealthy lottery winners!


"Even If You Have Never Played The Lottery Before - We Can Show You How To Win !!"

It does not matter if you have never played the lottery before - or, even if you're a seasoned player. Everything is clearly written in plain English and spelled out for you. No complicated charts or time-wasted filling out past number tables.
In just a matter of minutes, you could be picking the next set of winning numbers! Again, you can win with just 23 simple pair bets or 8 combination box bets !!
Now, I predict that this system could take the country by storm - so I must limit the number of copies available. Rather than just reading about it, why don't you just fill out the << PRIORITY ORDER FORM>> and send in your order today. Put my system to work - I'm expecting you to become a consistent Pick-3 cash winner.
"I Am NOT Going To Send You A Big, Thick Book Full Of Confusing Number Theories "
I want to make sure that you get off to a quick start with my special new "SIMPLE-23 System". So, I'm going to send you my complete, nothing else to buy from me package.
Remember, this NOT some big thick book with confusing number theories. It is just a user-friendly, down-to-earth system that can bring you the money you need - and rightfully deserve!
I know the system works - in fact, read the testimonial and comments on the next page. You just have to follow my simple instructions, and get yourself started now! But, please promise me that you won't share this information with anyone! Remember, when you receive this income, no one else needs to know how you came into all this money. Unless, you want to tell them. Let me give you some advice - it will be better just to keep it to yourself! Let them guess where you received all that money. Because, the less people who know about my special new system, the better! It's time to make your choice.
Unfortunately, if you pass on this opportunity you could miss out forever. Because, I may only offer the "SIMPLE-23 System" for a short-time. You've waited long enough. My system is for people just like you with high standards. It can give you a brand-new chance to win the quick cash you need. At last, you can win with just 23 simple pair bets or 8 combination box bets !! But, we do recommend that you reinvest a small portion of your winnings periodically so that you can start MULTIPLING your profits into cash wealth.
"TESTIMONIAL OF SUCCESS" (The following testimonial is on file in our office.)
On average I have been hitting almost daily with the "Simple-23 System". Andreas Escalante, Sierra Bayamon, PR 00961

"More Customer System Comments In Our Files"
“I have been playing the Florida Lottery for 15 years with many different systems.  Today I received your Simple-23 System – I played tonight and sure enough I hit 129 boxed.  Now I must try your Pick-5 Hitmaster”.
- B. Hunt, FL

"It's great - and makes money."
- Marvin Sandle, PA

"I have found your system easy to understand and very profitable." - Norman Brown, MD

"I Love Your! …System, and I won at once, …I know that I'm going to Win!! BIG, BIG with your system. Once again, thank you very much for your system." - Eeva Ylinen, Sweden
"We are having fun with it and making money! Thanks a Million!" - Homer C., NC
" It works. Thank You. God Bless America and You." - Howard McIntyre, PA
It's been improved and is different from virtually all other systems.
You can pick numbers without guess work - easy and mechanical.
No time-consuming chart analysis or confusing add / subtract tables.
Potentially the simplest combo system to work in virtually all Pick-3's

This bold new strategy helps you to zoom right in on the most profitable numbers for you to play consistently. It's fast, convenient and FUN!
AND, the Best Part is - you can use it on ALL Games - Not just Pick-3 lottery! NO SIR! You can use it and potentially WIN BIG - on Pick-3, Pick-4, Pick-5 and Pick-6 Games! EVEN the New MEGA Games.
NOW, is the time to change your life with this incredible new strategy! But, you can ONLY receive the "TOP-CASH BULLSEYE STRATEGY" when you order my "SIMPLE-23" System - it is not available anywhere else - at any price !!
This opportunity is here for the first time in our history! Will you grasp it tightly? Or let it slip through your hands. The choice is yours. Please take just a few minutes to send in your order today - I cannot guarantee that this system will be around very long.
Rush Your Order In Quickly and You Will Also Receive …
"The Half-Hour - $150 Slots System !!"
Have you been searching for a brand new system to win in the casino? How would you like to make $150 in just half an hour? I'm going to let you in on my incredible new discovery!! Just send us this coupon.
P.S. You MUST have this amazing new system the next time you play the slots. Did you ever realize that $150 in a ½ hour is really $2,400 in 8 hours! And, the best part is, the system is Completely FREE if we receive your order in the NEXT 7 DAYS ONLY! Your order is practically ready to go - so don't delay - rush your order in today!
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