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NOW - The Dark Horse Secret Exposed!

Dear Racing Fan:

In a few days you can be on your way to becoming very rich!  I will guarantee that virtually 100%!  Never before and never again will you be given a more consistent big-money winner and superior means of accurate winning horse race selection.  Something you will discover immediately when you get your hands on this amazing "top-secret" information.

Please study this powerful information we are prepared to send you immediately and never forget it!  This is extemely important to you.  Remember, "upset" winners chosen are perfectly typical daily results at all tracks.  This clearly illustrates the big day-to-day winning power of horses picked by the Dark Horse Secret.  Horses the public practically never knows about!


Make no mistake.  The size of the payoffs you get everyday make "all" the difference in the world!  Yet, this is only the beginning when you think abuot the forturen you can expect to win in the days ahead.  After I show you how to use this private insider's information.

What you will see is something so unbelievable, and so completely new and different, you won't recoginize it.  It isn't even handicapping.  It's much smarter than that.  You will need to find the key past performance race in the Daily Racing Form in order to dig out the DARK HORSE SECRET.  But that's all.  The rest is strictly private "inside" information.


Have no doubts at all.  From now on you are positively going to be able to win big at any track want!  With the genius of this private "top-secret" information to guide you , you'll be cashing daily bets on up to 80% of these giant undercover sleepers.  Steady "upset" horses winning at whopping payoffs.  Practically enough to make you rich overnight!


Here Is How You Can Easily Find These Amazing Dark Horse Winners:



Find the amazing "top-secret" race in the past performance line (Daily Racing Form) according to private instructions given to you with the Dark Horse Secret Information.  


Confirm the Dark Horse Secret race.  This is done by county the number of days since the horse ran its undercover race and gave the "winning tipoff" to its stable connections.


P.S.  These two simple steps are all it takes!  Nothing could be easier than this.  It takes only about one minute to do it.  To find the Dark Horse Secret win bet in any race.  Yet it is incredibly accurate.  These plays just don't miss and you will be getting lots of action.  These "wake-up" winners are found going in from six to nine races at any one racetrack! 

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