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Announcing, Our New Pick-6 Lotto Breakthrough . . .
"Pick-6 Ultra-Match System"



You Will Receive Our Incredibly
Simple New Ultra-Match Formula.
Learn How We Can Help You Win Your
Pick-6 Lotto. . . (Including The Mega-Games!)

You Will Receive Our Incredibly
Simple New Ultra-Match Formula. Learn How We Can Help You Win Your
Pick-6 Lotto. . . (Including The Mega-Games!)

Dear Friend,


If you are in need of a remarkably simple new way to beat the Pick-6 Lotto Game in your state, then this may be the most exciting news you have ever received!

Here’s why:

I’m prepared to share with you – for the first-time ever – my incredible new Pick-6 Ultra-Match System.

Some players may consider this a potential license to steal – but it’s absolutely 100% legal.

How? Please Listen Closely. You could call it ingenious, or even a small miracle, but one thing is for sure –

I have condensed over 6 years of painstaking statistical research into an easy-to-use Pick-6 System. It is designed to help you – the lottery player reduce the odds and make a virtual killing at all Pick-6 Lotto games.

If you are a regular lotto player (or just a casual one), my new system can provide you with the Most Powerful Winning Knowledge available for the daily Pick-6 games. You, have never seen anything quite like it. My new system is easy-to-read, easy-to-use and easy-to-play at your favorite lottery location.

"New Discovery Provides Fast Access To The Most Powerful Pick-6 Lotto Numbers"

Seven years ago, I was sitting at the kitchen table, going over the results of the evening Pick-6 Lotto drawings. I’d noticed some remarkable weekly patterns develop that sparked my mathematical interest. I took these numbers, entered them into my computer and ran a linear regression test (this is a valuable statistics test in math that can help to reduce (or target) many numbers into a meaningful outcome).

Well, needless to say, the results almost blew me off my chair! For the next several years, I kept testing and testing (and improving my tests) but the end results told the real story – it was possible to lay out potential winning combinations, using no more than a simple, follow the lines – grid chart of numbers

After years of hard work, I had finally discovered the most powerful group of correlated numbers. When these numbers are used in a simple grid chart, they can vastly reduce the odds in favor of the Pick-6 Lotto player. I have invested hundreds of hours putting this special information into a database on my computer, so that I can quickly and easily update these numbers to provide you with the best, up-to-the-minute information.

"Facts You About My Completely New and Mechanical Pick-6Lotto System"

I’ve designed this system to take the guesswork out of finding winning numbers. When you receive my Pick-6 Ultra-Match System, I think you will agree that there will be no more hassles to find your numbers. If you can match up numbers in my simple grid chart, then there will be nothing but straight, easy Pick-6 plays.

Plus, with hundreds of hours of computerized testing, the Pick-6 Ultra-Match System is designed to work in

every state Pick-6 Lotto Game! Nothing could be easier and simpler with the information I’ll provide you.

"If You Can Find Lottery Numbers In Your Paper – You Could Be The Next Big Winner"

Using the Pick-6 Ultra-Match System is almost a license to steal. But, it’s 100% legal. In fact, it’s easier to use and play than you could ever imagine. If you can find lottery numbers in your local newspaper, and match them in my simple grid chart – than you could be the Next Big Winner!

You will not need a lot of money to play with my system – just one ticket at a time. This system is designed to win. The Pick-6 Ultra-Match System can take lottery players – and turn them into jackpot winners.

"I Have Already Done The Important Leg Work For You"

I have already done the important leg work to help you pick your numbers quickly - almost 7 years, and hundreds of hours of computerized testing just to perfect the Pick-6 Ultra-Match System.

If you can line up numbers on a page, then you too will be on your way to winning Big Sums of Money. My system will greatly maximize your potential to win your state’s Pick-6 Lotto game.

You start by finding the winning numbers from the last Pick-6 drawing. Plug them into the special grid chard I’ll give you, and, you can find your next 6 numbers. Nothing could be easier!

"Fatten Your Bank Account With The Pick-6 Lotto Jackpot"

There is no question about it – winning the Lotto Jackpot can help to put you on "easy street". And, the Pick-6 Jackpots – with normally high-odds can contain a very large pool of money.

Have you ever needed some extra cash to pay off some bills or repay an outstanding loan? How about money to buy a new clothes, a new car, or cash for a nice relaxing vacation?

Even just to buy something nice for yourself? There are so many that cash winnings can help you out.

Remember, the state lottery commission doesn’t care what you use the jackpot money for. As long as it is for a legal purpose. You could win the jackpot every week – and there’s nothing they can do to stop it!

"All Of The Cash (and Check) Winning Money Will Come Directly To You"

I will provide you with the best possible numbers to play. However, because we do not receive any commissions, all of the cash (and check) winning money will come directly to you. It doesn’t matter what state you’re in, or the jackpot pool amount. But, let me repeat - all of the winning money you receive will come directly to you – I do not receive a dime of this money.

"Nothing Else Can Give You These Special Pick-6 Lotto Numbers To Play"

I honestly believe that nothing else can give you these special Pick-6 Lotto Numbers to play. Nothing other than the new Pick-6 Ultra-Match System.

In all my years of research, I have never, but never, found anything with the immense number power of the incredible Pick-6 Ultra-Match System. Do not procrastinate – You may never find an easier way to win the big Pick-6 Lotto Jackpot.

"You Decide How Much Money You Want To Invest In Each Drawing"

The Pick-6 Ultra-Match System is remarkably flexible and easy-to-use. With the chosen numbers, you can decide how much you want to invest in each drawing. Unlike some "swing-from-the-fences" box betting methods, you do NOT need to play expensive combinations of numbers - just 6 straight numbers – that’s all there is to it.

The Lotto Jackpot Money is there – will you be the next? That’s why I’m right here to help you win it with my new Pick-6 Ultra-Match System.

"To Keep Jackpots Big - Only A Few Copies Will Be Made Available"

You should know that in order to keep the Pick-6 Lotto Jackpots big, I will only make a limited number of copies available. After all, if everyone had access to my system, the jackpots could all be much, much smaller!

When they are gone – they’re gone. Please don’t throw away your opportunity to win – do not let this special invitation pass you by. It’s better than any dead end 9-to-5 job - You will get paid by the lottery every time you play and win!

"This is A Completely New Lotto System"

Please Listen Closely. Right now, you are holding in your hands the key to a better life. I know this is true because for the first time I’m offering you my completely new, Pick-6 Ultra-Match System. This breakthrough system can personally help you to take home huge cash winnings as you "clean-out the state jackpot".

In fact, I know of no other Pick-6 Lotto system today that will help you to find such powerful numbers and reduce the odds in favor winning. This will greatly maximize your potential to match all 3 numbers and win the big Pick-6 Lotto Jackpot.

"100% Money-Back Guarantee"

I am totally confident that you will be able to win the Pick-6 Lotto using my new Pick-6 Ultra-Match System. So, you’ll receive my written 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy with this system, for any reason, you can return everything within 30 days and receive a complete 100% refund of your fee. With my 100% Money-Back Guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain – so don’t delay, send in your order now.

"Three (3) Free Bonuses – But Only If You Respond Within The Next 10 Days"

If I receive your order within the next 10 days only, you will also receive Three (3) FREE Bonus sets of numbers. You will receive my FREE Ultra-Match Numbers for: Pick-3, Pick-4 and Pick-5. These incredible new numbers can help you to win big at virtually any lottery game. In fact, these numbers alone could be worth thousands of dollars in winnings. You might even be the next jackpot winner in your state.

This FREE offer is strictly limited to those who respond within the next 10 days, so please take advantage of this FREE offer while you still can. Send in your order today and receive your FREE Ultra-Match Numbers.

Yours For Hitting The Pick-6 and Mega-Game Jackpots,


P.S. Don’t get shut out – When my new Pick-6 Ultra-Match Systems are gone – they’re gone!

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