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Million Dollar Secret





et in on the most FANTASTIC SECRET ever to be released to the racing world! This simple TWIST is potentially the easiest and simplest way to amass fortunes at almost any racetrack in America.
HORSE RACING FANS ACROSS THE COUNTRY! Whether you are a beginner or an expert… or somewhere in between…it really makes no difference.
            Let world renowned racing expert Thomas Johnston show you how you can earn a comfortable living from racing part or full-time.
Absolutely No Experience Necessary!!
            This is practically as SURE a thing as day and night! It’s HOT! It’s NEW! And now it is AVAILABLE FOR YOU! But you must jump on this bandwagon to receive all of these benefits:
  • EASY enough for a beginner.
  • Potentially the MOST EXCITING way to make money in the history of racing.
  • Can pick potential WINNERS within minutes.
  • Can put you WAY AHEAD of the average player.
  • Could make YOU one of the 5% WINNERS at the track.
  • Finally gives you a chance to get RICH.
Our revolutionary “private” top secret information is completely different from any and all handicapping thinking you’ve ever likely seen before…bar none. TO OUR KNOWLEDGE, THIS POWERFUL SECRET IS NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE AT ANY PRICE!
Imagine receiving up to $1,600.00 every week with my simple form…yes, you heard me right.   ALMOST $83,200 A YEAR! Let me show you how the form I will send you could bring in this kind of money.
It is absolutely incredible that one form can do so much…like having your own automatic money machine at the racetrack. You will totally FLIP OUT when you see how easily you could win thousands of dollars quickly and easily with this amazing twist I’ve just uncovered!
There is a secret “twist” found in most any standard horse racing track program booklet, sold daily at the track, that until now only a few inside people knew about and cashed in on. Now it’s your turn!
Using THE TWIST is almost a license to steal…AND IT IS 100% LEGAL. It is easier to use than you can even imagine. You could make more money with THE TWIST than you have ever seen in your life…FOR DOING PRACTICALLY NOTHING! There are three (3) essential points to remember about THE TWIST:

1.  What I am offering you today is different. So different you may not believe it when you use it or WHEN YOU TEST IT.

2.  It is so easy to use that it takes only A COUPLE OF MINUTES to put it into operation at all tracks and with any track program.
3.  It is UNDERSTOOD so quickly that virtually anyone can have plays picked soon after they open the envelope containing my discovery.
If You Like Lots of Figuring or Ratings To Compile, Forget About My System!
            An average player like you can easily receive up to $1,600.00 each and every week because this form takes only a few minutes to compare and fill out according to the horse track program. You do NOT use any other paper (Thank God). You use the track program. That’s where you’ll learn HOW to spot THE TWIST.
            No one, but NO ONE, to our knowledge, has ever done this before. This is totally new, and its success could blow your mind.   It is absolutely incredible that one form, which I will send you, can do so much! I will not try to sell you a thick book that does not tell you what you need to know even after hours of reading. I WILL send you my form… MEANT TO BE USED, NOT JUST READ!
            I absolutely guarantee that nothing could be easier than to fill our one form, put it into action, and potentially take home loads of money. It is a NEW METHOD with a twist that can give you financial glory at any racetrack that sells a program…which they all do as far as I know!
“Sounds Impossible? Not When You Know My Secret”
            Within one month, this simple form I will send you can will thousands of dollars.   It is easier than you can imagine. It’s called THE TWIST.   THE TWIST is the most powerful racing idea that I have ever come across PRECISELY BECAUSE IT IS SO EASY TO USE. With THE TWIST you could becomea walking bank at the racetrack.
            Your first big deposit is practically waiting for you if you are serious about making a killing at the racetrack and changing your life. Don’t waste any more time…ORDER THE TWIST TODAY!
            Don’t wait any longer. This is a method of getting money at the track that is simply “out of this world”.   It is potentially the most incredible method for receiving money that you will ever see in your life because it is so easy.   What could be easier?
            What makes this different is the fact that virtually anyone will be able to use this form…an amateur, a novice, a seasoned veteran at the track, a man, a woman, from any walk of life. No matter what your background, you can start making money NOW!
“The Selections Idea I Offer You Today is Quite Different From Any Racing Method Or Handicapping Course You Have Ever Seen!”
It is DIFFERENT because:
  •    It takes only a couple of minutes to make all your selections.
  •    It is so fast and simple to understand that you could remember it just by reading it once.
Naturally, this is what makes this new discovery SO FANTASTIC IN ITS POTENTIAL RESULTS simple to work, quick to win!
            I can absolutely and unquestionably guarantee that never, ever will you likely receive a more positively consistent means of making selections than you will have in your hands upon opening the envelope containing my new form and instructions. Racing fans have for years become accustomed to following rule after rule in making their selections. They go through elimination after elimination, and then pile one qualification on another until they come up with one or more selections. This is the standard accepted means of picking horses. However, it almost always seems to fail, BUT SELDOM do the race fans act like there might be a better basic means of picking horses.
            NEVER in racing history, to my knowledge has there been any means of making selections, public or private, that could even approach mine for SURE CONSISTENCY.
            The results of my new discovery could satisfy anyone in the world. Most important, they can satisfy YOU! When you open the package and read what my new discovery is, you will recognize that:
  1. It is NEW.
  2. It is absolutely MECHANICAL.
  3. It is the SIMPLEST means of potentially WINNING CONSTANTLY that you have ever seen.
The first day you have this discovery in your hands, you can check months of past results. So the first day you can prove, without any doubt, how well this discovery works for YOU. And the same day you can use this discovery at the track or OTB.
“It Sounds Easy, It Is Easy!”
You are in luck right now because you are reading this right now. You are practically SO CLOSE to making it big. Don’t hesitate. Send for my secret form immediately. If you are serious about winning, then you absolutely must.



Don’t throw away your chance… you may never find an easier way to receive the money you need.  You can almost effortlessly make at your race track or OTB the easiest money you have ever made in your life. This secret racing information is the most powerful winner I have ever come across because it is so easy.


“Up To $83,200 In One Year!”

            Yes, you can receive up to $83,200 every year if you use THE TWIST. One week can bring you as much as $1,600.00!  For 52 weeks, that’s well over $80,000, it's $83,200 to be exact! Your winnings will vary…more bets can mean more money. It’s really that simple.
            Yes, I will send you the complete secret (there is nothing else to buy with THE TWIST). This includes the special form you will need to compare to your track program. 
            Just take your pen and fill out the yellow order coupon (please print). It will take only a few minutes of your time. The earlier you mail in for THE TWIST, the earlier you could start receiving money…day after day, week after week, month after month… for years and years to come. It sounds easy. It IS easy!
            I want you to do just one thing: Keep an open mind and test THE TWIST thoroughly. Believe that you truly CAN get a lot more out of life.   Today more than ever before, money is what counts. The cost of living seems to be mounting month by month. Now, just think of the wonderful things your life can offer you IF ONLY YOU HAD THE MONEY. Then use THE TWIST to go for it! 
“Don’t Throw Away Your Chance,
You May Never Find An Easier Way to Receive Money!!”
            I assure you that this opportunity for putting money in your pocket has nothing to do with handicapping, light weight, or random position number. It is a simple but amazing discovery that can help you get what you want.   You cannot afford to let this one pass you by.
“This powerful little form works exactly as described. Any player can truly receive up to $6,400.00 per month with this simple form, and it is 100% legal and honest. In my many years as a financial expert, I have been able to examine many methods of making money… some simple, some very complex. Very few could match this simple form for ease of use and high yield. It is a unique race track opportunity with endless potential, making it possible to keep winning money as long as you need it.”
F. Myerson, Tampa, FL
“Our Guarantee”
Order THE TWIST winning secret along with the simple form.  I will send you the form.  I will send you the instructions on how to fill out the form.  I will send you all I have.  If you are not confident that it is possible to receive as much as $1,600 in one week and every week, just sent the complete program back to me at anytime within 60 days for a refund of your fee. I cannot imagine anything more fair than that. So send for your complete program today. If you are serious about winning money, you absolutely must!




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