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Post Times

Volume 704    Service To People - Who Play Horses    Issue 1.01.7

Horse Players win millions - The Pari-Mutuel betting system goes down

LOUISVILLE, KY  - The gates closed today as tracks suspended all races. This action is being repeated throughout the nation as the betting system goes haywire.  This sudden action will cause major problems as the bettors return today to repeat yesterday's action. “They were carrying money out of here in sacks!" We were told by Gus Thomas, a security guard who will spend his day controlling the expected crowds. All security personnel have been called in to guard and protect the track property. “I am sure that we will have a problem on our hands today, as soon as the players finding out that the big shots are closing down the action just as the advantage has swung in favor of the bettor." Mr. Thomas said. This seems to be the general feeling from the few players that were on the scene at this early hour.

An informed but anonymous source reported that yesterday's action created a negative pool in every race. The track took a beating, and as long as the pari-mutual betting system stands the way it is players will be in charge.  Since the problem seems to be at the very bottom of the system of betting and fixing it will take a nationwide change, there will be no more horse racing in America till further notice.

Before you smack yourself in the head, please read on!  The above is a mock up headline article that you and every other horse player could read if we went public with what we are about to offer to you.  It's made up and predicts a future that could be, but it's based on a short circuit flaw that exists right now.

As long as the system of Pari-mutual wagering has been in use, the mistake has been part of it. Until now only a few professionals have known about it, used it, made the profits, and protected it.



The average player has no idea what goes on inside of racing. This lack of knowledge separates the loser from the professional player. THERE IS AN ERROR IN THE PARI-MUTUEL SYSTEM. A MISTAKE THAT THE TRACK MANAGEMENT CANNOT FIX.

The short is at every track, it's basic to the whole structure of wagering. It's there at the flat track, the trotters, the dogs. For a few professional players who know how to use it, it's almost a license to steal. LEGALLY!


As long as the system has been there so has the error, but only one in 1000 players ever know that it exists. Management knows it's there, and you can bet they have tried to rewire it. But it is so basic to the system itself, change would alter such an elementary fact, that fixing it would throw the whole race betting business out of whack. So few professionals know about it that the track men sit on it, and hope for the best.

 I am one of the few who knows how it works and how to manipulate the error in the system. My talking about it is going to get a few people very hot with me.

So I've spent a lot of time and looked at every angle and figured out a way to limit the sale by number and area. I'll pick up more than a few grand without hurting the pros, the few who use this information at the track. So, I put together this restrictive selling plan.

1.  A maximum of 400 units will be sold, spread throughout the country.
2.  Sales will be strictly limited to 100 units within a 50 mile radius of any track.
3.  A limit of only one per customer.
4.  Only 30 orders will be accepted from Reno, NV.

 To keep it honest, and not spoil it by overselling this will be a limited one-time offer ( no exceptions.)
 400 buyers that are within the area limits are potentially going to make a bundle of money because of this hole in the basic system of track betting.  What I do, and what I teach you to do is perfectly legal you cannot be stopped by the track managers for anything I tell you about.

Here's what you get!

* An easy to understand description of the short. Why it's there and why the track can't fix it.

* How to do it. Simple step-by-step instructions on how to tap into the way to make serious money time after time.

       There is a drawback -- the legal bookies will not love you. Sports books or anyone who covers your bet, have no love for consistent winners.

     To protect what you know, and the relationship with the people you have to deal with, play it smart. Play a loser once in a while. What you have done is turned your bets into investments. The bookie is not a part of this investment.  Hit them too often, and you may have to find someone else to cover your action.

     I play it just the way I tell you to do it, but following my advice has backfired. At my usual sports book in Reno I was picking a loser because my record of wins would not allow me to pick a real plug, it would not look real. But the favorite was a big stakes winner at hot odds-on. So my pick was safe, a nice smokescreen. Well you know the way the best plans go. My loser ate up the big favorite at the wire. So much for covering my action, and keeping the book out of my business.  I had to do a loser the next day.

    What I am offering you is a method of making money that will not fail as long as the short exists.  It's built into the pari-mutuel system. It can't fail. Three months, three years, it doesn't matter. As long as the track system stands it still has the same error, and the top money.
I am going to enclose some results from New York and California that show you what you can possibly expect. These are my figures and give you a picture. I don't want you to be thinking you will be an instant millionaire. Your maximum take should be limited. PLAY IT SMART.

     I play most every day, and in most races. It's easy living in Reno. The in-house sports book is one of the best in the world. I miss a few races for lunch, I can afford to let a few go by. In fact I can afford a lot of things. I know this is my town. There are no clocks, just post time.

Belmont  Delmar
$240      $144
$370      $791
$818      $192
$130      $540
$621      $451
$181      $461
$239      $383
$252      $674
$128      $621
$334      $227
$126      $547
$543      $528
$261      $316
$604      $482
$316      $735
$282      $270
$158      $697
$245      $521

* to the nearest dollar *

     Now here's an important fact. These are NET PROFITS on straight level flat play with each pick. These are not the results of an increasing stakes betting plan.

     If these results are not enough for you, throw this letter away. I don't want an order from someone who wants more!  And I'll tell you why later.

     It's important that you understand that to get the results I show in the above chart, you invest a couple dollars to win in every pick.  One pick per race.  Nothing else.

     I could sit down and work out some fantastic profits that can be taken with any number of simple progressive systems of debt management.

     I could blow you away with perfectas and playing doubles. I don't play it that way. If you want to try, I don't want your business. One way to ruin it for everyone is to overplay.     

    This is not a system of betting on favorites, looking for long shots or playing with overlays. It is a simply away to take advantage of a lucrative error, a short circuit in the pari-mutuel betting system. Once you have it, and understand how to pick money out of the air - day after day, I'm sure you will protect it as I do.

P.S. - NOTE: This works on O.T.B. as well as the track.  Don't miss your chance to grab a copy while you can.  Click below to order now!




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